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Three Tips for Managing Youth Athlete Nutrition

By Amy Jamieson-Petonic, Stack 12/08/2017, 12:00pm CST

For travel, make sure to bring items to snack on that do not need refrigeration, such as dried fruit, nuts, dry cereal, whole grain tortilla chips, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Back to the Basics: Four Ways Youth Athletes Can Increase Performance

By Jeanne Goodes, Breaking Muscle 12/07/2017, 12:00pm CST

Coaches and trainers can help mitigate societal stressors and keep young athletes healthy through education and encouragement to get adequate sleep, to cross train, to practice good nutrition and to properly hydrate with water

Five Quick Nutrition Tips for Competitive Swimmers

By Olivier Poirier-LeRoy, Your Swim Log 12/05/2017, 12:00pm CST

While swimmers tend to be known as capable of destroying vast amounts of carbs, don’t forget they need protein to keep muscle recovery going strong.

  • How Much is Too Much?

  • By Paul Ohanian, US Lacrosse 12/01/2017, 12:00pm CST
  • Too much activity could result in overuse injuries and sports burnout
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  • How to Talk Food With Athletes

  • By Nancy Clark, CoachUp Nation 11/29/2017, 12:00pm CST
  • Athletes should strive for a balanced diet, filled with a variety of foods and enjoyed in moderation
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